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Why You Should Care About GDPR

What is General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR)? GDPR is a regulation set by the European Union (EU) government leaders. Its intention is to strengthen and unify data protection for all individuals within the EU by May 25, 2018.

ISPs Watching You Watching Me

I was recently looking online for a used car to cruise through downtown. After a couple of days of indecision, I decided against getting a car and just relying on my current rusty but trusty for another couple years. As a result of my search though,...

Don’t Get Scammed by Skimmers

Recently there have been several incidents of skimmers being found on ATM’s in my local area. Gas station pumps are another common place for skimmers to be placed. Let’s talk about how to recognize these.

Fed up with Pop-up Ads Hijacking your Mobile Device?

Ads have a way of getting in the middle of things. Pop-up ads, banner ads, redirect ads, prestitial ads, interstitial ads, and the list goes on. And for some reason, popups seem particularly invasive on mobile devices, where the display is already so...

HIPAA 101: Your Guide to Violations and Penalties

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was instituted in order to protect the personal health information held by covered entities, including doctors, pharmacies, and health insurance companies. A HIPAA violation can cost an...

RSA 2018 is going on now!

Now cybersecurity matters more than ever!

Three Ways to Keep Your Home Cyber Safe: Isolate | Update | Defend ™

"What will they think of next?” Are you finding yourself asking this question these days? In the “smart” world of internet-connected devices, how did we go from smartphones to smart TVs to smart just about everything else you can think of in just a...

How to Avoid Being Embarrassed by Fake News

How to Avoid Being Embarrassed by Fake News

Cloud Security Best Practices

Cloud storage is here to stay. Public cloud storage services, such as DropBox and GoogleDrive can provide a simple and convenient way to store and access personal files from any device, as well as a way to share large files with others. Storing files...




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