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Welcome to the first release of the TechGuard Security Blog series.

As a small company, we understand there is a fine line to be walked to protect the infrastructure but also work within the confines of a limited budget. The tools have to be practical but also have to be user-friendly. Within a small business, everyone on the Security/IT staff has several different roles and responsibilities; that limits the amount of time implementing and maintaining additional hardware and software. The tools they use need to be highly functional and easily maintained. Our approach will be looking at tools that have low implementation time, are easy to keep and take minimal time to generate useful/relevant data.

With the vast number of tools available, it can be tough to find what solution is the best solution within the constraints of staffing and funds. We want to be able to help the small business Security/IT staff assess and evaluate options that are currently available.

We will be looking for subscription, plug and play and open source solutions that have to be configured to work within your enterprise. We will also be looking at and addressing other major security breaches including but not limited to ransomware, malware, and supply chain vulnerabilities/attacks.

Also, we will be setting up a Github page and any scripts developed will be posted for download. This can be used as a reference but will need to be modified to work within your enterprise network.

We are looking forward to bringing a unique perspective to this blog. Hope that you continue to read our upcoming posts and find value in what we are presenting.

Written by TGSAdmin