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Aaron Moore

Aaron Moore
Aaron has over twenty years of IT experience spanning a variety of domains including: Banking, Agriculture, DoD and CPG industries. Aaron possesses his Security+ CE certification and currently serves as a Sales Engineer at TechGuard Security. In this role, he acts as the liaison between the sales and technical teams, matching client needs to the core capabilities. Aaron has served as a consultant for multiple Fortune 200 organizations, fulfilling roles in application development, database design and database administration. In his spare time, Aaron and his wife can usually be found at the baseball or soccer fields watching their kids play sports.
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Open Source Software - Common Vulnerabilities

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding In a previous blog post I wrote about addressing concerns with Open Source Software (OSS). In that blog, I discussed some potential concerns with OSS and how it is the organization's responsibility to catalog...

Passwords, Lies and Webcam Recordings

Email content filters have come a long way in recent years. Tremendous strides have been made in protecting us from the never-ending wave of malware and malicious intent. However, cybercriminals (if nothing else) are very creative and not easily...

I Was Going To Get To That

With new tools and technology constantly being introduced into the market, have you ever wondered why vulnerabilities that have been around for years just won't die? One big reason is PATCH MANAGEMENT.

Open-Source Software: The Hidden Cost of Freedom

Does your organization use open-source software components in any of its internal or external facing web applications? Are you actively tracking those packages for updates and patches? Have you ever evaluated the security posture of your web...

Addressing Basic Security Practices - One Step at a Time

  Trying to keep up with the latest security topics like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Anomaly Detection is enough to make your head spin. Knowing where to focus your cybersecurity efforts and where to spend your vital budget dollars...

Taking IoT to the House

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?   The “Internet of Things”, commonly referred to as IoT, brings internet connectivity to everyday devices allowing them to communicate and interact. IoT devices are meant to automate tasks for people at home, in...




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