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Facebook Privacy Settings

Just some suggestions from your friendly neighborhood cyber security dude.

Social Engineering... Myself?

This morning I was sitting at my son’s soccer game when I got what some might consider an alarming message from the company CEO. “Three company employees – including me - just got a text message FROM ME – and I didn’t send it!”.

TechGuard Security Response to the 2022 Data Breach Investigations Report

The cyber security industry is constantly evolving in the never-ending cycle of hacker versus user. For any readers that are Batman fans, the cybersecurity industry can be compared to this quote from Jim Gordon at the end of Batman Begins.

Arnold Can't Help You if Skynet Actually Attacks

“Mobile robot maker Aethon has fixed a series of vulnerabilities in its Tug hospital robots that, if exploited, could allow a cybercriminal to remotely control thousands of medical machines.”

Lapsus$ Breaches of Okta and Microsoft *UPDATE*

As of Friday, April 1st, 2022 the City of London Police have arrested 9 young individuals, ranging in ages between 16 and 21, in association with a malicious hacker group. According to Detective Inspector Michael O’Sullivan, two of the teens have been...

How to Prevent XSS in Python Based Web Applications

Cross-site scripting attacks against websites are practically as old as the internet itself. It is very easy to shake off Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) as low impact vulnerability because it is often demonstrated by “popping” an alert box.

Guidance for Cyber Resilience in the Wake of Cyberterrorist Threats

In light of the evolving situation between Russia and Ukraine, we felt it beneficial to pass on the guidance provided by CISA. Technological advances have shifted warfare further from boots on the ground and closer to fingers on a keyboard. Cyberattacks...

Tax Season Brings Online Scams

Tax season is everyone’s favorite time of year, but don’t fall for online scams in your excitement! That’s right, this time of year brings out cybercriminals in droves looking to scam you out of your money and data. Watch out for these most common...

Microsoft Protocol Update

Attention all Microsoft users, there were two significant updates this week that will bring you some joy, and maybe even some relief! For those who don’t know, Microsoft announced there would be an update for the Microsoft MSIX protocol that will...

Cyber Risks for Local Governments Are at an All-Time High

Smaller government agencies often do not prioritize cybersecurity and the pandemic has only exacerbated this. Their network, and as a result their security, is spread thin while agencies across the country are getting hit left and right with...

Data Privacy and the Future of Business: How Businesses Can Put Privacy First

With the global big data market set to be worth nearly $235 billion by 2026, to say that data is now core to business success today would be a massive understatement. From tweaking shipping strategies to delivering more relevant advertising campaigns to...

How to Take Back Control of Your Data This Data Privacy Week

From social media to online shopping, our lives and the digital world become more and more intertwined everyday. And while the digital world has afforded us a whole new level of convenience and access to information, it is imperative that consumers...

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