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Guidance for Cyber Resilience in the Wake of Cyberterrorist Threats

In light of the evolving situation between Russia and Ukraine, we felt it beneficial to pass on the guidance provided by CISA. Technological advances have shifted warfare further from boots on the ground and closer to fingers on a keyboard. Cyberattacks on critical infrastructure are a serious threat that need to not only be acknowledged but prevented. If we wait to react once it already happens, it might be too late. CISA’s Shields-Up program aims to encourage businesses and critical infrastructure suppliers to heighten their awareness of the growing cyber-terrorism threat and take action. Their website states:

“While there are not currently any specific credible threats to the U.S. homeland, we are mindful of the potential for the Russian government to consider escalating its destabilizing actions in ways that may impact others outside of Ukraine.

Based on this situation, CISA has been working closely with our critical infrastructure partners over the past several months to ensure awareness of potential threats—part of a paradigm shift from being reactive to being proactive.”

They have provided a recommended list of actions organizations can take to protect themselves which includes steps for preventing, detecting, responding to, and remediating cyberattacks. They also provide recommendations and guidance for corporate leaders and CEOs all in an effort to improve the cyber resilience of organizations.

We highly recommend reviewing CISA’s Shields-Up program and using it to your full advantage as well as looking into the many resources offered. You can never be too prepared for a cyberattack.

Written by Elizabeth Dasenbrock

Elizabeth Dasenbrock is a marketer/graphic designer whose mission has always been to creatively express stories and ideas. Her skill set allows her to convey concepts to particular audiences in a visually appealing way. At TechGuard, she works on the marketing team with a focus on graphic design. In her free time, she can usually be found working on personal creative projects, tending to her houseplants, or spending time with friends and family.