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What You Need to Know About IoT Devices and Botnets

Picture it: You’re sitting at your computer surfing your favorite sites, when out of nowhere your browser crashes. You relaunch and attempt to reload the page you were viewing, but you have the same problem. Perhaps the site you were viewing is having...

The (Possible Future) Union of IoT Devices and Blockchain

It’s 2018 and IoT devices continue to enter the marketplace and get bought up in exponential numbers. We’re well on our way to Gartner’s estimation of 26 billion IoT devices in use by 2020. It is an understatement to say that nearly everyone is using...

Business Email Compromise and Tax Season

It’s tax season again, and W-2s, 1099s, and dozens of other tax forms are flying around. These documents, which include personally identifiable information, such as addresses and Social Security numbers, have attracted spear phishers who are using...

GDPR forcing you to rethink how your business handles data? You’re not alone.

What is GDPR?

TechGuard Security Blog

Welcome to the first release of the TechGuard Security Blog series.

The GDPR and Cyber Security

With the new year in full swing, thousands of organizations worldwide are realizing that May 25th 2018 is looming closer and closer.  This is the date thousands of organizations worldwide have set in stone as the deadline to comply with the new...

Bitcoin 101

Bitcoin is an alternative peer to peer electronic payment system that allows two parties to transact directly with each other. Bitcoin features include: • Reliance on ledgers and cryptographic proof (rather than trust)• Peer to peer payments over an...




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