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Five Reasons Why E-Learning is the Way to Go

Have you ever attended a large-scale mandated corporate face-to-face training? I have personally experienced a few and they are not as engaging as the E-Learning training platforms that I've used. Usually, you have one or two time slots to choose from with a full work schedule and they consist of a large room filled with people and the training is very broad. For example, consider the topic, "Sexual Harassment." Although this topic is very important, there is most likely a different curriculum that needs to be taught depending on the role: employee or supervisor.


1. Save Time and Money


It can be costly to send someone out to train your staff. The benefit to subscribing to an E-Learning training platform is that you can have access to a large variety of specific topics and if you are using TechGuard's Security Awareness Solution, they can be customizable for different roles. Employees' productivity declines when they have to be pulled away to meet the availability of a speaker and costs your company money as a result. Employees would benefit from being able to choose a convenient time to complete mandated company training.


2. Employees Love Flexibility


Ask employees what they value most in their work environment and you will find that flexibility will rank near the top. When employees have a voice in how to create their schedule, they are more happy. E-Learning training platforms supports both remote workers or on-site workers with busy schedules. All you need is internet connection, and you can log in and get started. Also, TechGuard's training solution offers the ability to walk away in the middle of a training and come back and pick up where you left off.


Furthermore, consider employee turnover, interns and new hires. If you host an annual training on "Phishing" then how do you address the employees who were hired after, sick, on vacation, etc.? You need a solution that is easy to deploy every time you bring on new staff, interns and work with temporary employees because security is the responsibility of EVERY employee.


Consider using an Onboarding Security Checklist every time a new staff member walks in the door. Get your free guide below.


Onboarding Security Checklist


3. E-Learning is More Fun


Our E-Learning Platform is engaging, interactive and full of current real-world examples. When training is interactive and gamified, users are less likely to take a snooze. Have you ever went to listen to a training with a group and ended up watching a very boring and old training video? It can seem like a complete waste of time if it is not up-to-date with relevant scenarios that you may actually be faced with. Our training is designed with the adult learner in mind and trusted by over 9 million users. 


4. Online Training is Easy to Retain


TechGuard's training solution offers the flexibility to go at your own speed. If an employee feels too embarrassed to ask questions in an audience but doesn't comprehend the live training, he/she may not speak up and ask questions. However, with the online training option, the user can just watch the portion of the training again that they need more focus on to reinforce the learning. Going back over the complex sections will allow the user the option to take the time they personally need to let the concepts sink in so that they can fully grasp the information and then they can move on at their own pace.


Unlike an in-person training, E-Learning provides the benefit of having an automated and detailed analytics reporting connected to the training. Your administrative leaders can immediately see who has completed the training and who has earned their certificate of completion online. It's more challenging to keep track of training attendance through pen and paper and it can be challenging to gauge who has really grasped the concepts of a face-to-face training.


5. Micro-Learning is Trending


In today's fast-paced world, people like to digest information in small chunks at a time. In other words, it's easier to take a 5 minute training every week than to commit to a 90 minute training every now and then. Employees are faced with high workloads and would most likely find it more appealing to commit to a quick training on a regular basis that won't set back their daily productivity goals.


In today's technology focused world, it makes sense to offer an up-to-date training solution that engages your learner and provides them with flexible options to suit their needs. TechGuard's Security Training Solution offers all of the above. We even let you test it for free. Try our demo to see if you like it.

Written by Michelle Stamps

Michelle has over 10 years of experience in marketing and business development across various industries including government and non-profit. Her background in writing, facilitating presentations and event planning allows her to use her creative skill-set and her relationship building skills strengthens her ability to understand the human element role in cybersecurity and to support positive behavior change. Whether she is out in the community, blogging or developing the next social post for TechGuard, she believes in telling the company’s story and uses relatable, real-life examples to connect with our clients. If you know Michelle outside of work, you would know that she loves sunny days and tropical places.