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TechGuard’s Complimentary Advisory Services – We’re Here to Help!

Feeling overwhelmed, vulnerable, and anxious? We completely understand. The process of acquiring a reliable cybersecurity program can seem like a daunting feat, especially at a time like this. In just a matter of weeks, the spread of COVID-19 has forced many workers to transition suddenly. Security leaders are struggling to navigate unprecedented challenges so they can maintain their company's necessary security posture. The increased remote workforce has widened the threat landscape, and hackers are already taking full advantage of it.

During these uncertain times, we must prioritize security more than ever before. Beginning this month, we’ll be offering complimentary Security Advisory Services with our cybersecurity experts amidst the global pandemic to identify your pain points and learn what keeps you up at night. They'll provide a baseline for where your security program needs to be and discuss your next steps. With this service in mind, TechGuard is hoping to help other businesses in continuing to be aware and mindful of the risks of not having proper cybersecurity plans in place. TechGuard Security is here to help!

What you'll get in your complimentary hour:

  • Our cybersecurity experts will present the most common concerns we hear from clients and we'll see if any of those matches up to what you're experiencing.
  • To better understand your current cybersecurity program (if you have one) and risk profile, we'll walk you through six preliminary questions.
  • You'll get a chance to ask our pros your most burning questions and express any concerns.
  • After the initial conversation, you'll have the option to take our online questionnaire. The questions are based on the CIS top 20 controls and will help us develop your Baseline Security Assessment report. Once your report is completed it will be emailed directly to your inbox.

This is the perfect opportunity to talk and ask the experts their advice in this field to better protect yourself, your business and your customers. Now is an even more crucial time for all business owners to better secure their cybersecurity since most businesses may already be experiencing some level of financial turmoil – this is exactly what cybercriminals thrive on – an already threatened and potentially weakened economy.

Once you’ve had an hour with TechGuard's cyber experts, we can better help serve your cybersecurity needs with additional services that we offer such as vulnerability assessments, HIPAA compliance reviews, security awareness training, penetration testing, mobile application assessments, social engineering exercises, IT security controls audits, wireless access point assessments and incident responses – planning and exercises.

To learn more about TechGuard’s Security Advisory Services, please contact or call 618.570.4081 for more information and to schedule your one-on-one advisory meeting with our experts.

Written by Allie Prange