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What is IT Security worth without Physical Security?

If your organization has a high standard of IT security but is lacking in physical security, you're leaving yourself vulnerable. There's so much to protect ranging from human safety and private information to physical assets and more. Protecting your organization can seem like an overwhelming task since there are so many physical security aspects to consider. Something else to consider is, "Does the facility manager and the IT manager team up and communicate to make sure they are implementing best practices that actually work together?"

Every business big or small needs to have physical security measures in place. Think about the safety of your employees and your customers. Think about the stories of ATM machines being hacked and card information being stolen as well as "jackpotting" (ATM machines dispense cash as a result of hackers compromising the machine). Nearly every day there's a new data breach in the headlines. A high standard of physical security is necessary to protect your assets.

Don't get overwhelmed by the multiple physical security aspects to consider. Just to get started, consider the physical security for both outside and inside the premises.


Outside the Building

Often measures are taken such as installing quality locks, placing a fence around the perimeter, and setting up security cameras. Unfortunately these may not be enough to protect the outside security. Gathering places such as designated smoking areas, or break areas can pose a risk of conversations being overheard. Property placement and parking areas must be considered.


Inside the Building

Many companies hire a receptionist who works in the lobby and greets guests. If the receptionist was distracted or stepped away from the desk, the lobby could be vulnerable to an unauthorized outsider getting through. Outside hackers or malicious insiders could find opportunities through multiple channels. Protecting information on computer screens, copiers, or even guest phones must be considered. Measures need to be taken, policies need to be put in place, and employees need to be trained. Hackers know that employees are usually the easiest access point to find a vulnerability.


Test Your Physical Security

TechGuard Security can perform a physical Penetration Test to find your weaknesses and provide a plan for improvement. We send a Cybersecurity Specialist to your location to identify potential physical risks or vulnerabilities. This includes, but is not limited to unsecured entrances, unsecured documentation, employees not exercising proper procedures for an unknown individual, and more. Speak with one of our reps to get started.

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