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Adam Voss

Adam Voss
Adam Voss is a recent cybersecurity graduate from Maryville University with an emphasis on pen-testing. He works at TechGuard as a cybersecurity analyst and is eager to get into the field. When he's not working on projects or expanding his knowledge in the field to get his certs, he can be found doing something that involves physical exercise or rooting for the cardinals or blues.

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Back to the Basics: Security 101

Over the past few months, there has been much talk about COVID-19 and what it means for businesses with employees working from home. Today, I thought I would change it up and get back to the basics of cybersecurity to talk about a type of attack that...

Upping the Scale

COVID-19 phishing attempts have run rampant in cyber news since so many employees were ordered to work from home during the outbreak. When a company has to suddenly transition its users to work remotely, their network's threat landscape grows...

Phishing in the BlackWater

With the workforce transitioning to a work-from-home workforce, cybersecurity attackers have begun to change their approach on how to attack users. While phishing has always been a method of attack for cybercriminals, the transition to WFH has given...




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