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Event Notice: Capture The Flag Event


TechGuard Security is co-sponsoring the OWASP St Louis CTF Event.


Join TechGuard Security and OWASP St Louis on April 25, 2019 for this FREE CTF Event. Are you interested in showing off your skills, learning about network security, secure development or penetration testing? Come join us, for food and a chance to network with your peers. All abilities welcome. Doors open at 6:30PM. Prizes will be provided for the Top 3 Winners.



This event is open to anyone that is curious to learn about cybersecurity.



Thursday, April 25th 2019

6:30pm – Doors Open & Networking and Food

6:50pm – Registration and Introduction

7:00pm – CTF Begins

9:00pm – Award Ceremony

9:15pm – (Optional) Recap and Walk Through




5th Floor – Holekamp Classroom

911 Washington Ave

Saint Louis, Mo



You can register for the event by clicking the link below.


What is a Capture The Flag (CTF) Event ?


A CTF Event consists of an individual or team of individuals that perform cybersecurity related tasks, to accomplish a predetermined goal, usually competing against other cybersecurity teams competing for a prize. There are three types of Capture The Flag Formats Jeopardy, Attack-Defend and Mixed.


Jeopardy CTFs  are CTFs that ask questions or have list of tasks within a range of categories. The team gains points for each task or question that is solved. Generally, the more complicated the task, the more points are awarded. Each task must be completed chronologically.


Attack-Defense CTFs are CTFs in which each team is the owner of a network that contain vulnerable services. Each team is given a set amount time to patch and fix vulnerabilities. When that time is up, the competition starts, and each team tries to attack the other team’s network. Points are gained for attacking and defending.


Mixed Format CTFs are variable in format that can include both Attack-Defense and Jeopardy format.