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Nathan Rice

Nathan Rice
Nate has fifteen years of IT experience spanning a variety of domains with a focus in defensive security. Nate currently holds the following certifications: CEH, CompTia Security+ and CompTia A+. Prior to TechGuard Security, Nate was a Senior IT Security Engineer at a Fortune 100 organization. As a Security Engineer, Nate focused on new technology integration and implementation. Along with a variety of application administration roles in security operations, his past project work includes, Implementation of a DLP Program, Single Sign On Program and Multifactor Authentication. At TechGuard Security, Nate conducts audit control assessments, penetration tests, vulnerability assessments and social engineering exercises. Nate’s focus is on customer service and support, as well as providing customer solutions to complex IT security challenges. When not working or studying Nate enjoys being outdoors and spending time with his wife and kids.
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How to Prepare in the Case of Another COVID Induced Shutdown

Preparing for another shutdown Surely you've heard of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2? What about SARS-CoV-2 or novel coronavirus-2019? COVID-19? Regardless of what you call it, we were all affected by it in March of 2020 when the US...

The Online Youth: How Risk-Aware Are They?

In the past, this article has been more technically focused. For this article, I decided to take a different approach. In the IT Security field, we stay pretty plugged into the technical community. Most of us have our favorite articles or publication...

Is Your Mobile Device Secure?

A quick note on mobile security   For almost 15 years, the mobile computing space has taken the world by storm. What used to take a laptop or desktop, can now be done in the palm of your hand.   

Hacking the Car

In today’s Internet of Things (IoT) world, almost everything is reachable online. From your home thermostat and garage door opener to locks on your doors, almost everything is connected (or can be connected) to the internet. Considering all the...

Identity Access Management and How it Applies to Security

IAM: Knowing your Roles. “Know your role!”, is a famous quote from professional wrestler, turned actor, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. How does this apply to Information Security? Well, sit back and let me explain how a small quote from a giant man can be...

How to Become a Pentester

  How did you get you your job? What do I have to do to do what you do?   Since becoming a Cybersecurity Expert at TechGuard Security, I have received these questions on several occasions particularly regarding Penetration Testing or pentesting. It’s...

The Threat Within

Secure the perimeter! Man your battle stations! Prepare to repel boarders! Whatever moniker you use to call to attention the threat of outside attackers to your organization, is up to you. The point is it’s dangerous out there, and IT security...

Event Notice: Capture The Flag Event

TechGuard Security is co-sponsoring the OWASP St Louis CTF Event.   Join TechGuard Security and OWASP St Louis on April 25, 2019 for this FREE CTF Event. Are you interested in showing off your skills, learning about network security, secure...




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